Here's to youth, the springtime of life

Young people


While some are busy preparing for their future during their youth, for a lot of young people youth is a period of growing, living, loving, learning and in the meantime - enjoying life. 

Some of them are busy taking class notes and analyzing lectures, running from one private tutor to another, a group of them are busy fangirling (or fanboying), or having fun with their friends. They call it 'living their best life'. A lot of people find their first love during youth. Another group also exists who are after their passion. Passion is their first love, as intense as that, for which they are ready to give up on even their family and a seemingly bright future at times.

Youth is considered the most beautiful moment of life, like springtime when flowers bloom and fragrances spread everywhere. Youth is a time when you see the world through pink-colored glasses.

However, youth can also be scary, agonizing, full of uncertainty. You don’t know whether you should listen to your heart or the adults who are experienced. You don’t know whether you are going down the right path or the wrong one. Young people have their own worries and pains, such as depression, relationship issues, academic pressure, loneliness... Things like that may seem no big deal to adults. But for young people, they are obviously big deal.

Youth is when a lot of people lose their way.

But it is also youth when people find their way.