Every day, life presents us with challenges - but also with opportunities for reflection and growth.

And by sharing our experiences, and the tough times we have gone through - or are currently going through - we can bring some comfort to others and help us and them realise that we are not alone.

We can also celebrate the lessons we have learned and the people who have supported us along the way. 

Remember, if you feel unsafe, upset, or worried about yourself or a friend speak to someone you trust – this could be a parent, teacher, close friend, older sibling, or call a child helpline.  You are not alone - do not keep your fears, concerns or questions to yourself. We know it can be difficult to tell another person about something that is happening to you, but you have a right to be safe! If it's difficult to talk about, try writing your experiences down and giving it to someone you trust to read or by sending/ posting/ dropping it anonymously somewhere a responsible/ trusted adult can see.   

Image Credit Photo by Simon Migaj from Pexels