A lonely island

A girl sitting alone on a bed looking at a window

Lately, the world around me seems to have changed. People seem lonelier and more self-centred than before. I wonder if it is just me who feels like that. I have been wondering if this is one of the after-effects that the COVID-19 left us with.

The lockdown due to COVID-19 gave us an extended period of self-reflection. We spent time with ourselves more than ever before. While it had a lot of plus points, it had its downsides too. The more you dive inside your self, you will discover that there is darkness. Like the darkness under the sea. Also, while we had learned to live with ourselves and learned to enjoy our own companies, relationships with others started to waver.

Our hectic lifestyle might also be responsible for this. We are so busy rushing that we cannot make time for a family member, or a friend. Even when we are home, we are too tired to have a conversation. Students are suffocating under academic pressures. Office workers are suffocating under workloads. There is no room for breathing freely.

What is all these for?

Is our so-called success, really more important than spending time with someone we love?

Also, phone addiction. When at home, you’re on phone all day. Okay, I get that all you want is to blow off some steam. But do you realize that you are not feeling happy by doing this? In fact, it makes you sink into a deeper and deeper hole of unhappiness. Even at meet-up with friends, or in a social gathering, people are seen being on their phone.

Likes and comments are more important to some people than seeing someone smile.

I feel like we are slowly turning into machines.

I feel like we are becoming like air-conditioned rooms. When you use air conditioner, you close all the doors and windows of the room and only let a few people in. The room is isolated from the outside world.

I wonder, how did we end up like this?