A Promise!

It's is a picture of a book with a flower kept on top of it.

I opened my journal, out of sheer resentment. 
To jot down my deepest emotions, I hope things would be for my betterment.
Wondered if anyone will ever give me company,
I laughed to not sound lamented.

Every twist had an intent,
Every motion was going on without an impediment. 
But here pieces of me shattered,
I wondered if I ever really mattered.

I didn't see what it requires, 
To fight through the misery of this terrene. 
Wished that the world was mine, 
The people, the glory, the fame, and sunshine. 

It felt as if I had passed the universe,
Only to arrive to me with a warm caress.

A me from the past came forward in time,
And looked straight into my eyes with a look so sublime. 
She didn't ask about those friends or the loneliness I endured. 
She simply stared at me and looked so reassured.

She said, "Do you remember it at this moment?
The girl who looked timid, sweet, and nonchalant,
Has made her way up to this summit
As if she could flutter with content."
I smiled and laughed. 

"You've kept your promise", she cried 
As her face lit up, down rolled the tears.