My Early 20's Journey: "Making Up Words"


Entering my 20s, I realized how much my mind really controlled how I behaved. At that moment, there is a heavy feeling of "myself is my own responsibility." However, at the same time, it feels like I don’t have direction and I don’t know what is right for me, but I know that only I have the control. Even if I get advice, but my mind still says "no" or "I can't," that advice doesn’t work.

Before, I tended to feel that our minds were just for math, science, or knowledge. Actually, it’s beyond that because our psychology and our strength could also get controlled. 

I think the hardest fight in my journey is about "my mind deceiving me or me deceiving my mind."

So, that is about how we put words into our minds.

I don't know where these words come from, but I've read that from the word "I can't," we can change it to "how do I learn?", "I'm not good at it" to "I can get better ", "it's too hard" to "it's a challenge," and many more.

So, how we make up those words in our mind determines the confidence within, which also determines our strength.

However, sometimes I still feel defeated by my mind. Then what I said to myself was, 

"You know yourself better, so if you feel that you really "can't" it’s okay, you don’t have to be too hard on yourself. But you have to know that you always have the opportunity to say you "can"."