User Engagement

General VOY engagement guidelines

Voices of Youth is a community that is open to and welcomes young people from around the world. Voices of Youth is in line with the main principles of the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Due to the diversity of our user base, Voices of Youth aims to create an environment where any young person feels comfortable, no matter their nationality, gender, cultural background, religion, sexual orientation or political conviction.

The VOY core values are positivity, openness, respect, inclusiveness, dialogue, collaboration and constructiveness.

Voices of Youth encourages the expression by young people on a wide variety topics, and recognizes that politics and policy are an important part of the global conversation.

We believe that attacks, insults, and political polemics do not foster tolerance or support an inclusive community of ideas. Opinion-based attacks and pointed arguments against individuals, institutions, governments, and political or religious affiliations may represent personal beliefs, but they are not in line with our core values.

Accordingly, Voices of Youth is not intended for partisan politics, nor for extremist or inflammatory positions. Writers should not make allegations against, advocate for, nor belittle or insult parties, party platforms and political leaders. Additionally, many countries have specific restrictions for political content, and you're responsible for complying with them.

Any user who engages on Voices of Youth - be it through posts or comments - is expected to respect the following:

  • Your content is not self-promotional or primarily intended for fundraising purposes.
  • Your content does not promote harmful behaviours or practices.
  • Your content does not put your safety at risk.
  • Your content is not discriminatory, racist, xenophobic, sexist, profane or propagating violence.
  • Your content is not defamatory, malicious, abusive, accusatory or inciting against an individual, group, government, country, religion or sect.
  • Your content does not make generalizations about an entire group, government, country, religion or sect.
  • Your content does not make allegations against an individual, group, government, country, religion or sect.
  • If you are asserting information that is already in the public domain please do so accurately.
  • Any mention of facts, events, situations, practices or statistics need to be backed by reputable and credible sources.