When You Share Your Voice, Others Will Listen

Women standing under umbrella and speaking into a megaphone

UNICEF USA is an international humanitarian organization that fights for child's rights to make sure that every child can be healthy, learn, grow, be respected, and is protected. While UNICEF is saving children’s lives everyday, they cannot do it alone.


Luckily, you can be a part of this effort to advocate for children’s rights too! Currently, after the pandemic and humanitarian crises, children and youth have never been more vulnerable and in need of your support. When you speak up for children, your voice brings us one step closer to a world in which every child thrives.


It only takes a few minutes to advocate. Visit the UNICEF Action Center to learn about the biggest issues facing children today, and then send a message to your local legislator to show your support of the bills that can address these issues. You can tell your legislator to prioritize mental health for children and youth in the U.S., help end child marriage in the U.S. (did you know child marriage is currently legal in the 43 states in the U.S.?), protect children from the impacts of climate change and more. You can tell Congress to support UNICEF’s funding, the funding needed for the organization to carry out its life-saving work and help every child, everywhere. Your voice matters. So add it today.


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