Young people reflect on the access to water in their countries

Around the world, 1.42 billion people – including 450 million children – live in areas of high, or extremely high, water vulnerability. What does this mean for youth?

Young people from Iraq and Lebanon reflect on the challenges their countries face regarding access to water, and imagine how young people can have a role in tackling this issue.

Abdu watering plants.

"Young people must play a significant role in launching awareness campaigns about how to ration water consumption, as well as how to protect the environment and water bodies from pollution. Youth voices have a considerable influence on the community, and they can set up programs and campaigns to inform people about the significance of rationalizing water use and protecting water resources from pollution."

- Abdu Alalem, 22, Iraq


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Fatima sitting on a chair.

"Yes, we did not treat our environment in the right way, but by holding ourselves accountable for our own actions and knowing the potential we have, from youth to experts, we can start our journey of recovery, tackling the source of pollution as a head start and restoring our ecosystem as a complementary step."

- Fatima, 23, Lebanon


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Mujtaba posing with his arms open.

“It is clear that the water crisis in Iraq is an urgent situation that needs to be addressed. Therefore, it is essential for us all to cooperate to tackle climate change. We must take steps to reduce our individual use of materials that harm the environment. By making simple changes to our daily habits, such as using public transportation, reducing plastic waste, and conserving energy, we can make a significant impact.”

- Mujtaba, 21, Iraq 


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A picture of Fatima holding a flower.

"As the young generation and individuals who have grown up in this country, we feel a sense of responsibility towards the issue and the community. We now take advantage of every opportunity to raise awareness among people who may not have had full knowledge of the subject, including the proper use of water and the avoidance of waste."

- Fatima, 23, Iraq

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